Google Adwords

Adwords setup and monthly campaigns

Get the Most out of Google Adwords!

PPC campaigns are all about understanding and predicting your customer’s needs in order to deliver your product or service when they need it. 

Moreover, you can create awareness, engage your customers in cross-selling, up-selling, or just strenghten the relationships.

In any case, we always keep in mind that your main objective is INCREASE SALES (unless you run a NGO and plan to save the whales)

Have one of our Adwords Certified Experts get into your business mindset and setup an efficient PPC strategy inline with your objectives.

Ioana Berinde Adwords specialist

 After we understand how your business works, we will create an efficient PPC strategy that includes:

keyword analysis

competition analysis

trends and budgets

campaign implementation

continuous optimization


expert advice on integrated strategy